57 Things to do in Copenhagen

I live in the heart of Copenhagen and I tend to forget to enjoy my city as much as I should. Therefore I thought I might not be the only one who lives in a routine and forgets to cherish this beautiful city. Or maybe you are someone who is thinking about visiting, and could use some help to see this city the way I do. If you are thinking about visiting, I will give you one advice: DO IT! You will not regret visiting one of Scandinavia’s most precious pearls.

Here are 57 things to do in Copenhagen:

1. Enjoy a delicious juice at Juice Mania in the Copenhagen Mall (Fisketorvet in danish)

2. Shop in some of the best stores in Europe at the shopping street Strøget

3. Eat lunch at one of the many little cute cafés in the New Harbor (Nyhavn)

4. Bike around the small streets of Copenhagen

5. Go to the christmas market in Christiania

6. Go for a run in Frederiksbergs Have

7. Go to a concert in Forum

8. Let the guide tell you about Copenhagen on one of the canal cruises

9. Go to a soccer game in Parken

10. Go on a picnic in Kongens Have

11. Eat brunch at Dalle Valle at Fiolstræde

12. Go to Copenhagen Zoo and watch the polar bears

13. Visit the National Museum

14. Explore Experimentariet

15. Watch a movie that takes place in the ocean at Planetariet

16. Go to the gala premiere of a movie at Imperial

17. Walk all the way to the top of The Round Tower

18. Bike on the water in the swans at the lakes in the middle of the city (Søerne)

19. Experience Tivoli at Halloween or Christmas time

20. Experience a ballet performance at The Royal Ballet

21. Visit The Little Mermaid by Langelinie


22. Watch the sun go down as you sit by the water, eating street food at the Paper Island (Papirøen)

23. Admire the streetart on the green wall that goes through different parts of the city

24. Jump into the water at Islands Brygge

25. Take a day to relax at the spa at Hotel Kong Arthur

26. Eat nachos in CinemaxX in the Copenhagen Mall and enjoy a good movie (my personally favorite nachos!)

27. Go on the harbor bus instead of the normal bus

28. Go for a swim in DGI-byen

29. Watch a play at the big stage (Store Scene) at The Royal Theater

30. Eat a crêpe at one of the small stands at Strøget

31. Try one of the new restaurants in the old meatpacking district called Kødbyen (I recommend Juicy Burger and Mother)

32. Try the fish-spa nearby Strøget

33. Eat a luxury dinner at MASH

34. Take a picture with one of the guarding soldiers at Amalienborg Castle (Try to make them smile – It’s not possible)

35. Fall in love with all the designer brands in Illum and Magasin

36. Watch a movie in the most colorful cinema you will ever see (Palads)

37. Experience an opera at The Opera.


38. Get a bicycle taxi to drive you around

39. Spend a night at the Tivoli Hotel

40. Sit in the front on the metro at try not to get scared when you realize no one is driving it

41. Go to one of Tivoli’s concerts on a friday night

42. Go horseback riding on Fælleden

43. Enjoy a pizzaslice from La Foretta on Istedgade

44. Spend an afternoon at the world’s oldest amusement park (Bakken)

45. Explore the National Gallery of Denmark

46. Go for a walk in the Botanical Garden

47. Go see the crowns of the former danish kings and the crow jewels at Rosenborg Castle

48. Explore the ruins under Christiansborg Castle

49. Visit Carlsberg and enjoy an ice-cold beer

50. Go for a walk in Ørstedsparken

51. Go for a ride in the horse carriages in Dyrehaven

52. Eat danish bakery breakfast from Meyers

53. Hop on and off the  sightseeing busses and play turist (If you are a turist, you don’t need to play!)

54. Explore The Citadel (Kastellet)

55. Go to the marked at Kongens Nytorv

56. Enjoy a gelato at Siciliansk Is in Vesterbro

57. Enjoy the view from my favorite spot in the city (Søerne)


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