57 Things to do in Dallas & Fort Worth

As some of you might know, I was an exchange student in Texas a few years back. More specifically in Fort Worth, which is twin cities with Dallas. It has been a bit more than 2 years since I moved back home and last summer I went back to Texas to visit my host family. Texas is one of my favorite places and there are so many thing to do – some of them very unusual for foreigners, like bacon tasting.

Here are 57 things to do in the Dallas/Fort Worth area:

1. Eat dinner at the top of Reunion Tower

2. Visit the places where the tv-show Dallas was filmed

3. Go to Walmart to buy all the typical american candy you can find

4. Go to a Drive-In Sonic and order your food to the car (Tip: Try the M&M Blast!)

5. Go to a real Texan BBQ restaurant

6. Buy donuts at a local donutshop around 6 AM (That’s when they are the best)

7. Spend a day by one of the many lakes

8. Explore the artwork at The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

9. Go to the cinema just to get popcorn – try Cinemark – and decide whether or not you want butter on your popcorn (Tip: Try butter)

10. Go shopping at my personally favorite mall – Northeast Mall

11. Go watch a movie at Coyote Drive-In Theater

12. Go to a rodeo in the Fort Worth Stock Yards


13. Spend a day in Six Flags Over Texas

14. Go bowling american style

15. Take a roadtrip to Hamilton Pool

16. Eat all the froyo you can

17. Visit The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealy Plaza, which is a John F. Kennedy museum by the street where he was shot.

18.  Eat lunch at Chick-Fil-A (This is a must!)

19. You can also try the famous In-N-Out burgers

20. Go watch a football game at the Cowboys Stadium

21. Spend a day at the Hawaiian Falls Waterpark

22. Go shopping at the Galleria Mall in Dallas (It’s huge)

23. Visit and go shopping in Southlake (My favorite place in all of Texas)


24. Spend a day at the State Fair of Texas and get all the deep-fried food you can eat

25. Eat Chips and Queso at a mexican restaurant (Another must!)

26. Watch a broadway show at Bass Performance Hall

27. Go shopping at a cowboy boot shop (Tip: Try some on!)

28. Run or walk 5 K for charity

29. Visit the Fort Worth Water Gardens

30. Eat a once-in-a-lifetime dinner at Texas de Brazil

31. Go to a baseball game at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington


32. Visit Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame

33. Visit the Fort Worth Botanic Garden

34. Jam to country songs in the car

35. Visit the Dallas World Aquarium

36. Explore the Dallas Museum of Art

37. Go to a country concert at American Airlines Center

38. Visit the Dallas Farmer’s Market

39. Go shopping at an outlet mall – such as Allen Premium Outlets or Grand Prairie Premium Outlets

40. Shop as much as you can at Sephora and Ulta

41. Spend all your money on a new wardrobe at Forever21

42. Go dancing at Billy Bob’s

43. Spend a day at the Dallas Zoo

44. Taste all the different kinds of pie you can find

45. Enjoy the sun on a walk through Sundance Square

46. Eat a real Texan dinner at the Fort Worth Stock Yards (Tip: Try the catfish, a southern specialty)

47. Follow the Texas Trail of Fame

48. Order chickenfried steak at Babe’s

49. Visit a ranch

50. Watch a show at Casa Mañana

51. Visit the Stock Yards Museum

52. Decide between sweet or unsweet tea

53. Get all the Blue Bell Ice Cream you can eat

54. Try a Dr. Pepper – A soda that is similar to coca cola

55. Don’t forget to try Ranch (Tip: Get in on a salad)

56. Eat lunch at Whataburger

57. Eat dinner at my favorite restaurant in Texas – Olive Garden


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