Where To Get The Best Tapas In Madrid

I know, I haven’t tried every tapas restaurant in all of Madrid, but I’m pretty sure that the rest of the restaurants are going to have a hard time trying to compete with this one. I went here with a lot of people – probably about 30 people – and the staff was just amazing! The tapas was incredible and the waiters kept bringing out new additions to the tables.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to take photos of all of the dishes, as nobody could wait to dig in – myself included. But at least ten different dishes were brought out to the tables, and all of them absolutely delicious! The red wine and sangria was great too, and completed our traditional Spanish night.

But the tapas wasn’t all this restaurant had to offer. After we finished dinner, we were guided in to a room in the back of the restaurant. This room was full of people sitting with their drinks waiting. And then the room went dark. Live music started playing and two amazing dancers started to do the flamenco live. The show lasted for about two hours and it was one of the best and most unique experiences I had in Madrid! It was absolutely wonderful watching them dance in a room full of locals and the band. I feel like this is one of the most authentic Spanish experiences you can have in Madrid. And it is definitely worth a visit! I highly recommend going to Restaurante Casa Patas if you find yourself in Madrid.

I should mention that this post is in no way paid or sponsored – I just want to share my honest opinion and experience.








Restaurante Casa Patas – Flamenco en vivo

Address: Calle Cañizares, 10, 28012, Madrid

+34 913 69 04 96


Another hidden tapas gem you should try – a local’s recommendation:

Restaurante La Chata

Address: Calle Cava Baja, 24, 28005, Madrid

+ 34 913 66 14 58

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