An Autumnal Day In Oslo

Today is officially the first day of winter! That is a very exciting thing as it is also the first day of the month of Christmas! However, it is also the end of autumn… And I do love myself a good autumnal day! Which is exactly why a day in Oslo at the end of autumn is perfect day for me. Yes, the weather was colder than I would normally prefer. And yes, there was a lot of walking – and I mean literally 4-5 hours of walking. But this city is such a beautiful place – especially during autumn – which is why I didn’t even mind the cold or the walking.

Whenever I go to Oslo, I always go on the mini cruise from Copenhagen to Oslo. It is such a fun way to travel – and it is a very cheap way to do it too. You board the ship around 3 PM and then you sail off into the night. You spend the night on the boat and then when you wake up at around 9 AM the next morning, you’re already in Oslo! Then you can spend a good 6 hours exploring the beautiful scandinavian city before you board the ship again and sail back to Copenhagen. You’ll be arriving in Copenhagen at around 9 AM the next morning. This three-day cruise is a great and cheap way to do a weekend getaway. Normally the mini cruise is around 60 dollars, but it is on sale multiple times a year. Sometimes it even goes all the way down to around 20 dollars.

6 hours is more than enough time to walk around downtown Oslo and do some sightseeing and of course some shopping! I would recommend strolling down Karl Johans Gate from the opera house to the castle. On the way, there are lots of shops and small streets with cute cafés and restaurants. You can also walk on top of the roof of the opera house and view the city from above. This is an iconic thing to do in Oslo. After your shopping and sightseeing, you can head back to the boat and explore the restaurants and of course the tax-free shop! I will specifically recommend the 7 Seas restaurant onboard!

I should probably mention that this is NOT a paid post or written in collaboration with DFDS. This post is purely written out of interest and love for the cruise.


Have you been to Oslo? And if so, what would you recommend doing during the 6 hours of free time in Oslo? I would love to hear your tips!

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An Autumnal Day In Oslo

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8 thoughts on “An Autumnal Day In Oslo

  1. I didn’t know there was a ferry from Copenhagen to Oslo! I knew there is one from Kristiansand to Copenhagen and many Norwegian teenagers do that cuz the alcohol is cheaper LOL (I know this cuz I lived in Stavanger for a year).
    Sounds like great trip though! Probably much cheaper than if you were to take a plane to Oslo… I’ve been to Oslo twice and I must say I wasn’t THAT impressed. Then again, I’d like to see it again, especailly in autumn (!), cuz I’m older now and might appreciate it more, idk.
    Anyway, I think Copenhagen looks much more beautiful and cute than Oslo. I’m hoping to get a long lay over in Copenhagen in summer holiday on my way to Stavanger.
    Great post and nice pics. 🙂

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  2. I love Oslo, it is one ofmy favourite places in the world, and I did one semester at university there – and it was probably one of the best times of my life. The cruise to Copenhagen was a popular one among students, although I did not go on one but visited the Danish capital reaching it by night bus. I have heard some pretty wild stories about the parties on those ships. As I’m based in Sweden now Iam a big fan of the cruises to Finland and the Baltics! I really like this possibility to visit a different city for a day with two nights on a ship!


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