A local’s guide to Copenhagen – Everything you need to know

Take it from a local.

I absolutely love my city, always have, which is why I love to make other people love it as well. Therefore I want to make sure that those people see and do the greatest things in Copenhagen, instead of wasting their time on stuff that is not really worth their time. If you don’t have too much time in this city and you want the ‘full’ danish experience, there are some things you want to do rather than others. This is my best tips for seeing Copenhagen the way I do.

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57 Things to do in Copenhagen

I live in the heart of Copenhagen and I tend to forget to enjoy my city as much as I should. Therefore I thought I might not be the only one who lives in a routine and forgets to cherish this beautiful city. Or maybe you are someone who is thinking about visiting, and could use some help to see this city the way I do. If you are thinking about visiting, I will give you one advice: DO IT! You will not regret visiting one of Scandinavia’s most precious pearls.

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