Bangkok Through The Lens

Bangkok is a busy city. However, it is also a very beautiful one. Looking at pictures on Pinterest of all the skyscrapers and grey buildings, you might not see that, having not been there. But the beauty of Bangkok is not the busy streets and tall buildings. It’s the temples, the people and of course the food! There are so many temples in this city – each and every one unique and important to the locals. But the one thing they all have in common is the fact that they are very beautiful – filled with gold, wall paintings and greenery. The people are very nice and polite – except in traffic. And the food in Bangkok beats most of the food I have ever had. Asian food is of course the most popular food in Bangkok – anything from traditional Thai food to Japanese sushi to Vietnamese Pho is to be found in all the food courts in the malls. However, you can also easily find a good Subway sandwich and a Starbucks coffee.

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