72 hours in Paris – Travel Itinerary

Paris is a city everyone should visit at least once in their life. There are so many things to do and the atmosphere is quite unique. Being the capital of France, the food is of course delicious and I would probably recommend visiting the city just for the food. But Paris has so much more to offer. The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, the Latin Quarter, Montmartre, Avenue des Champs-Élysées and Arc de Triomphe. These are all must sees in Paris and they are definitely worth a visit. In fact, you can see all of them in only three days with this itinerary.

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Where To Get The Best Tapas In Madrid

I know, I haven’t tried every tapas restaurant in all of Madrid, but I’m pretty sure that the rest of the restaurants are going to have a hard time trying to compete with this one. I went here with a lot of people – probably about 30 people – and the staff was just amazing! The tapas was incredible and the waiters kept bringing out new additions to the tables.

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How to overcome culture shock

Have you ever met someone from a different country and thought to yourself: “Wauw, we are from two different worlds”? This is exactly what I thought to myself everyday for the first month I lived in Texas. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love texans! I do! They are just from a completely different world than I am. Which is why you should never discuss religion or politics with a texan unless you agree on everything.

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Paris through the lens

Paris is one of my absolute favorite cities – alongside with New York City – and I just cannot get enough. It has everything from great food to luxury shopping to the beautiful sound of the french language. I mean, what is not to love? Last time I went to Paris was in 2015, right before my 18th birthday. I ended up getting myself an early birthday present in the form of a new Ted Baker handbag. Getting a designer handbag or item is a typical “When in Paris”, so of course I could not resist.

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Madrid through the lens

I visited Madrid last september when my class and a spanish class did an exchange programme through the school. A spanish girl came to live with me for about a week and went to school with me and experienced Copenhagen, whereafter my class and I went to Madrid where I lived at her place and went to school with her and experienced Madrid. This was a unique experience as we experienced the cities through the local point of view and got to speak a lot of spanish.

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Hawaii – A dream destination

I have been in love with the thought of going to Hawaii since I was a little girl. I have always wanted to go, but I just never have… That is going to change! Now that I have graduated I will be traveling quite a lot, and I really want to include Hawaii in those travels! However…. My best friend and I have this tradition every other year, where we travel to somewhere new. Last time we went to Paris and this summer we are going to Bangkok and Bali. Next time could be Hawaii, but can I wait that long? 2 years is a long time to go around with a strong desire to go somewhere. Alternatively I can go alone when I take a year off and then go again with her in 2 years. That makes 2 trips to Hawaii within 1 year! I would love that, but do I want to go to Hawaii alone? These are the kind of travel dilemmas I struggle with….

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One Year Off – What should you do?

I have known since I was a little girl that I wanted to take a year off after I graduated the danish “high school”. Normally people are about 18-20 years old when they graduate depending on what they did after the mandatory first ten years of school. Some people take an eleventh year of that school before stepping into the bigger classes and some people – like me – went on exchange in another country. And then there are the people who decide that high school is not for them and go straight to the thing that they want to study. I went to Texas for a year and then I started the danish kind of high school which takes three years. That means that I just graduated 2 weeks ago! But that also means that I have to start deciding on what I want to do in my year off. I know that I have to work to earn money. And I know that I want to travel. A lot. But what are my options for traveling? There are sooo many things you can do nowadays which makes it hard to keep track of all of the possibilities. Therefore I started brainstorming. And this is what I came up with.

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A local’s guide to Copenhagen – Everything you need to know

Take it from a local.

I absolutely love my city, always have, which is why I love to make other people love it as well. Therefore I want to make sure that those people see and do the greatest things in Copenhagen, instead of wasting their time on stuff that is not really worth their time. If you don’t have too much time in this city and you want the ‘full’ danish experience, there are some things you want to do rather than others. This is my best tips for seeing Copenhagen the way I do.

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57 Things to do in Dallas & Fort Worth

As some of you might know, I was an exchange student in Texas a few years back. More specifically in Fort Worth, which is twin cities with Dallas. It has been a bit more than 2 years since I moved back home and last summer I went back to Texas to visit my host family. Texas is one of my favorite places and there are so many thing to do – some of them very unusual for foreigners, like bacon tasting.

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