Hosting An American Thanksgiving Outside Of The US

Thanksgiving is one of the things I brought home with me when I moved back to Denmark back in 2014. I love this holiday because it – to me – is all about being grateful. Of course there is an entire history lesson behind it, but since we don’t have a holiday in Denmark that is dedicated to being grateful, I thought it would be fun to show my family and friends what an American Thanksgiving is like. I have now hosted Thanksgiving twice – in 2018 and 2019 – and it has been a great success. It has become a tradition in my family that I host Thanksgiving every year and everyone is always looking so much forward to it. However, it wasn’t easy hosting Thanksgiving for the first time outside of the US. There are so many recipes to find and some of them need American ingredients or use American measurements like cups or fahrenheit. It took me months of planning before the actual day. Therefore, I decided that I wanted to share some of my tips and tricks on hosting Thanksgiving outside of the US and hopefully it will help you if you ever decide to try it out for yourself.

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